GRAPHOLOGY, it is about of a social science – art, which is based on research and experiments. Graphology is recognized globally as a science.
Graphology is distinguished in ANALYTIC GRAPHOLOGY and in JUDICIAL GRAPHOLOGY.

The JUDICIAL GRAPHOLOGY, consists of written by the hand text or signature investigation, with the intention to be defined if it is written from a particular person, or if it is about of forgery, the forger to be recognized.
The Judicial Graphologist edit a Specific in Detail Graph logical Investigation Report, if it is authorized by the proper Court, or Technical Report, if the case is privately entrusted.


  • On genuineness verification of written by hand texts or documents ( securities, testaments, agreements etc. ).

  • On forgery or authenticity evidence of signatures and writings ( securities, testaments, agreements etc ).

  • Very often Judicial Graphologists are called to recognize the origin of ANONYMOUS LETTERS.

  • On clean writing ( read and study ) of old, illegible documents for example old contracts etc. with the intention of Judicial or private use.

ANALYTIC GRAPHOLOGY is a diagnostic science, which studies the psychological particularities of a person, analyzing the writing particularities.


  • ON PERSONAL ANALYSIS - ( with the composition of Personal Graph logical Portrait ) : Thus, we can have better knowledge of ourselves and of the people around us, even more we can discover significant internal plaits of ourselves, negative and positive elements, of our ego.

  • ON CONVENTIONALITY OF INDIVIDUALS ( with the composition of two different Portraits, on which we seek common or different points of the individuals, and then we combine them.

  • In that method many of friendly, of a family, professional and personal relationships of two or more person, can be significantly improved, or to co exist in harmony in a place.

  • ON PERSONNEL SELECTION ( the employer of an enterprise or a company gives us the basic data of an empty position who wants to cover in his company or enterprise and the Analytic Graphologist seek the suitable person or the opposite ).

    This way of finding a job is very popular in foreign countries. There, every company – enterprise, even every unemployed person seeking for a job, cooperates with an Analytic Graphologist. This method has significant results such for the enterprise as for the employee.

  • CLINICAL PATHOLOGY ( always under cooperation with the each time curative team ). This method is succeeded by control over the writing with the intention of finding some writing alterations which came from diseases like ( Parkinson, Alzheimer etc. ), after a medical science diagnosis.

  • CHILDISH – ADOLESCENT WRITINGS ( In childish writings is used the specific measure which is the globally accepted scale of J. de Ajuriaguerra team. In this scale is measured the graph kinetic age of the child and is compared with the real age ). (In the adolescent writings is compared the autonomy of adolescent writing according to the medium writing of individuals in that age). This is a very useful method to the parents, teachers and professors and to every person who contact with these ages.
    Studying the Childish Writings, we can evaluate the grade of child maturing ( usually till the age of 12 years old ), even to diagnose some of childish writing difficulties ( digraphs, diskless etc).

    Studying the Adolescent Writings, we can make conclusions that concern the basic structure of the adolescent personality ( concern the medium of 13 - 18 years old adolescents ), and even to anticipate some of adolescent difficulties in that difficult phase of becoming an adult ( adaptation, communication and enrollment to the social environment ).

  • PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION ( Through our Writing Portrait and through the way that we compose it, we can discover our significant particularities, nature inclinations and talents which could be unknown to us.