• 2003 Graduated from Athens Law School ( National and Kapodistrean University of Athens ).

  • 2003 Registered to Lawyer Association of Halkida as trained Lawyer.

  • 2006 Completion of a triennial seminar in Greek Institute of Graphology.

  • 2006 Certification of following graphology in the Greek American Educational Foundation.

  • 2007 Registered in First Instance Court and District Attorney’s Office catalogs of Athens, Piraeus, Halkida and more as an Investigator Graphologist.

  • 2007 Certification of graphology investigation practicing by the side of Andreas Elias Michalopoulos, Judicial Graphologist, Professor of Graphology - Character logy, writer, assistant secretary of Supreme Court, lauded the year 1988, awarded the year 1994 by the Athens Academy.

  • 2007 Diploma by the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GREECE of following a 18 hour graphology seminar in subject : Handwriting : Our Personality Imprint.

  • 2007 Specialization in Judicial Graphology in Genoa laboratory, under the supervision of Rome University CE.S. GRAF

  • 2008 Biennial Post graduated Program in studying CIVIL LAW, in National and Kapodistrean University of Athens. Today, writing a treatise in subject “Medical file - The heaviness of evidence”, 1st Supervisor Professor The Vice- Rector of Athens Law School, Dr. Ioannis K. Karakostas. (Possibility of Professor Doctorate).



  • 2004 Certification of following courses in “Financial Management & Risk Management” ( National and Kapodistrean University of Athens – Professional Proficiency Center” ).

  • 2005 Proficiency Officers Long duration Program in Taxes Law, in Athens University of Economics ( A.U.C ), one year duration.

  • 2006 Education & Learning Greek Chamber of Engineering Members Institute, REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT.

  • 2006 Greek Center of Athletic Law Research. Diploma in 3rd Athletic Law Greek Congress with international participation, Subject : Athletic Law, LEX SPORTIVA, DIFFERENCES, INJUSTICES, TRIAL.

  • 2006 Completion of triennial seminar in Greek Institute of Graphology.

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